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Tips for the perfect sports team uniform

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With club football season in full swing, and the World Cup coming to the Middle East not far in the future, we’ve put together some suggestions for things to go for and to avoid when putting together a sports uniform, whether for your business’s team or your own:

DO: go for something striking

The USA grabbed a lot of attention at the London 2012 Olympics with its uniforms designed by the legendary Ralph Lauren. The slight navy-esque elements and heightened formality, with a colour scheme that carefully complemented their flag’s colours, was very eye-catching. There was controversy, however, over the clothes being made in China. No such worries with us: our clothes are all made 100% right here in the UAE.

DON’T: rip off someone else

The same Olympics saw Egypt’s team use, rather scandalously, an outfit with an entirely fake Nike logo on. Shamelessly replicate a brand and no-one will be fooled.

DO: bring the old school back

Vintage football team shirts have recently seen an upsurge in popularity due to their stripped back and uncomplicated chic. Brazil’s 1970 shirt, as well as representing a legendary team that included Pele, Rivelino, Carlos Alberto Jairzinho, Tostão and Gérson, is also remarkable in its uncluttered, beautiful use of a plain yellow shirt with green rings around the neck and arms, making it an iconic look.

DON’T: overcrowd it

When Munich FC put out a kit to commemorate its 150th birthday, the resulting attempt to include photos from the entire history of the club led to a garbled monstrosity that hurt the eyes. Don’t feel the need to flood the shirt with information about the team, no matter how much you want to convey; less can be more.

DO: be comfortable

Make sure you use material that is hard-wearing, reasonably breathable and comfortable to wear. Your team will need to wear the clothes multiple times, so they need to be safe from tearing and not cause irritation on repeated usage.

DON’T: be bland

It’s believed that bright and bold colours can stir up positive energy and improve your team’s performance. Why not make a bit of a statement?

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