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Three ways to be remembered after a business exhibition

Branded clothing

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Business exhibitions are extremely popular in Dubai and the UAE, as they’re a great way of making new contacts and gaining valuable exposure for your company. You’ll meet hundreds of people and get to tell them all about what you do. The trouble is, each person will also meet hundreds of other companies, so it’s important to make sure your new contacts remember you. Here are three ideas, to help you make a lasting impression.

Wear branded clothing

Just like your exhibition booth, it’s essential that your promotional team represent your brand from head to toe. Wearing branded clothing is a great way of achieving this and with so many options available, it’s easy to create a look to suit your company. If you’re going for a corporate image, custom shirts, suit jackets or other branded clothing with an embroidered logo would be a good option. If your brand image is less formal, custom polos, trousers and embroidered hats are a great choice. Remember, there may be times when your team is away from your booth, either on a break or visiting other areas of the exhibition. Specially tailored uniforms or give-away branded clothing ensure that wherever they go, they’re spreading your company’s message.

Run a competition

Competitions have long been recognised as a very successful way of making new contacts during exhibitions. Popular approaches include asking visitors to add their business card to a prize draw, or offering a simple, fun challenge, such as guessing the number of marbles in a jar. Either way, visitors are encouraged to leave their contact details with you, in order to qualify for the prize, giving you the information you need to follow up with them later. Create a nicely branded corporate gift, which matches your company image, and position it as the competition prize. This is a great way to be remembered, as everyone who enters will want to come back and find out who won.

Give out promotional gifts

Once you’ve made a good impression at an exhibition, it’s important to give your new contacts something to take away with them. A promotional gift, such as an embroidered bag or item of  branded clothing, is practical and will remind them of you every time they use it. Cotton bags are available in a wide range of colours and can have your logo, slogan and even website URL printed (or embroidered) onto them, creating the perfect ‘take-away’ for your visitors.

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