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5 Reasons Why Polo Shirts are Forever Popular

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There’s nothing more classic, comfortable, and casual than a Polo shirt.

Since they’re slightly more professional and modest-looking than traditional tee shirts, Polo shirts tend to be a popular choice for offices in warm climates where employees need to stay cool and look their best simultaneously. They make a sharp statement and with advanced fabric printing, you can be sure that you and your team will be able to wear Polo shirts unlike any other, and start 2023 off right.

Collared Polos are unisex, they look good on virtually everyone, and they can easily be customised with your company’s unique branding and logo, essentially turning your team members into walking advertisements each time they wear their corporate Polo shirts outside of the office.

Polo shirts continue to grow in popularity in offices worldwide, in part due to the more relaxed working environments that more modern offices are adopting.

Why businesses love Polo shirts:

1. They’re comfortable.

First and foremost, they’re a relaxed fit. We produce all of our Polo shirts from modern Dry-Fit material. No matter how hot the weather might get, these breathable, moisture-wicking Polo shirts are sure to keep your people comfortable. Your team members will appreciate the informality and the comfort offered around the office when you make Polos your standard attire—whether on casual Friday, or every single day of the work week.

2. They’re affordable.

We manufacture Golf shirts, Polos, and t-shirts from scratch. They’re made to order in the UAE. This offers you a huge range of personalisation options, as we can print every square inch of your shirt. Fabric patterns are printed, cut, and sewn, to any design you can imagine. That means you can go a lot further than branding your company logo on each shirt. Whether you are the CEO of a large-scale corporation with many offices, or a small local business, you can be sure that custom Polos are a wise investment in your company’s future. The good news is that you won’t break the bank ordering a selection of Polos for your team.

3. Everyone looks good in them.

While you might not think of a Polo shirt as a fashion statement, they certainly make everyone look a bit sharper than a traditional worn-in tee shirt. Leave the old T-shirts at home and break them out on the weekend. When you’re in the workplace, Polo shirts add a touch of class and dignity to your company’s overall appearance.

4. They’re modern and trendy.

Take a look around. Walk into your local Plug-ins or Apple Store. What are the employees sporting? You’d be surprised that the shirt of choice for most retail employees now is the corporate Polo, as opposed to a formal dress shirt or blouse. In most cases, workers in the tech space are given polos as part of their wardrobe.

5. They’re colourful.

Think about the last store you went in where you saw employees wearing branded polos. It might be an upscale car dealership, a smartphone kiosk at the mall, or your favourite grocery store. Either way, there’s a good chance that the bright and bold colour choice sticks out in your mind. This is intentional. Employers like to great strong visual connotations with their brand, and one of the best ways of doing this is by enforcing a company-wide dress code. If everyone in a single office or store is wearing the same colour Polo, they’re easily identifiable to customers—and it helps to create team loyalty amongst each other.

If you’ve been considering making an update to your team’s wardrobe, there is no time like the present. With the summer days now long gone and the cooler weather setting it, it might be a good idea to start pre-ordering some new Polo shirts for your team, complete with embroidered logo, for the start of 2023.

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