Dahan, UAE. Custom Polo Shirts & Tees

Custom Polo shirts made simple

Made-to-Order in the UAE. Everything you could want in a Polo shirt supplier.

Trusted by professionals

Companies large and small work with us, from lone entrepreneurs to multinationals.

Fluor Middle East
Infoblox, Dubai

As your Polo shirt supplier, we don't just add your logo to a blank mass-produced shirt. We manufacture custom-made Polo designs from scratch

The advantages are huge.

Stunning unique designs

Get noticed for all the right reasons.

We are now able to print, gradients, tones, even photographs onto digital tailoring patterns (made in Europe). The result is design freedom, with designs as creative as you can imagine. Design every inch of your Polos – front and back. 

Printed, cut, sewn and finished with care

Delivering comfort and quality that lasts.

A high-quality Dry-Fit fabric was selected as the base material for all our Polo shirts. This delivers a luxurious feel and printed finish, while being well suited to the UAE’s harsh climate. Learn about this material here.

Printing is carefully supervised throughout and each Polo is cut and sewn by a highly experienced machinist.

With service to match

Focus on doing what you do best – growing your business.

As a small business owner, you have about a million things to do every day, but project managing your Polo shirt supplier needn’t be one of them. Forget checking materials, supervising production and chasing up shirt deliveries – that’s all part of the service.