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Does the colour I choose for my promotional T-shirts matter?

Promotional T-shirt colours

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Once you’ve decided that promotional T-shirts featuring your company’s logo would make a great item to give away at an upcoming trade show or exhibition, you face a few decisions about the specifications of your branded shirts. Do you want to offer them in both men’s and women’s fittings? Are you going to offer people promotional T-shirts in a variety of sizes? What colour do you want your T-shirts to be? For some business owners, the colour they choose for their promotional T-shirts may seem like an unimportant matter. However, it could make the difference between a T-shirt that its recipient chooses to wear when they are out (thereby improving the visibility of your brand) and one that languishes, forgotten, in the back of their closet.

Choosing your promotional T-shirts

Of course it is impossible to know with any certainty which colours will appeal to someone on an individual level. However, according to colour psychology, different colours have different associations in the popular consciousness and the colour you choose for your promotional T-shirts could subconsciously affect how people think about your brand. For example, red is a popular hue with many businesses, as it is a warm and energising colour. People notice red and associate it with excitement and spontaneity. Blue, on the other hand, has more tranquil associations, but it is also frequently chosen by businesses to represent their brand as many people associate it with integrity and dependability. Different colours can evoke different emotional and psychological responses and it may be worth doing a little research before picking a colour for promotional T-shirts which people will notice and associate with your brand.

Our T-shirts are available in a range of attractive colours from vibrant scarlet and burnt orange, to darker shades, such as navy blue and slate grey. However, if you have a particular shade in mind, such as a colour associated with your corporate identity or brand logo, our Custom Match service should be able to help. If you tell us the colour you want in RGB, CMYK, Pantone or hex value, we can provide you with information on the nearest possible match.

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