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A promotional gift can boost your social networks

Promotional Gift - Dubai, UAE

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Social media is an essential part of any business strategy, whatever industry you’re in. However, with so many businesses vying for a potential client’s attention, it can be a tall order to keep your social networking efforts fresh, interesting and competitive.

Never fear though, we have some great ideas for ways to use a promotional gift to boost your company’s social media presence.

Try a t-shirt giveaway

Embroidered t-shirts are a firm favourite when it comes to promotional gifts. Everybody loves a great looking t-shirt, and from a marketing point of view, well designed custom polos also serve as top quality free advertising! Why not take a photo of a member of your team in one of your new polo shirts and share it to Twitter and Instagram with a challenge and your own custom hashtag? For example #TEEDAY OR #POLOPICKS. Invite your followers to retweet the photo and hashtag while answering a question or sharing a photo of their own to be in with a chance of winning a shirt. These sorts of giveaway are a great promotion for any business as they can be tailored exactly to your requirements, updated in accordance with your latest offers and so on.

Boost your Facebook likes with a promotional gift

With so many fantastic products in our ever expanding range of promotional gift items, why not use your imagination to go over and above your competitors and the ‘usual’ gifts offered. We have low minimum order requirements, so you can easily mix and match several different items, from caps and hats to USB flash sticks. Many of our clients within Dubai and UAE use this option to put together promotional bundles to offer as prizes to their Facebook fans. Simply take a great photo of everything you have up for grabs, ask people to like your page, or the photo (or both!), share to their own timeline, and then use a random number generator to pick a winner.

However you choose to distribute your promotional gift items, there is certainly no harm in encouraging a little competition amongst your networks. Human beings are naturally competitive, so it makes good sense to get your money’s worth out of your own freebies!

Get creative and come up with ideas which involve and engage your followers and you’ll soon be turning your ‘freebies’ into a fantastic investment!

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