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Give a promotional gift this Christmas

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The holidays are a perfect opportunity for businesses in Dubai and around the world to nurture relationships with their existing customers and ensure they keep coming back for more, helping businesses to grow and flourish the following year. Rather than just sending a mass produced seasonal card or email, sending a small gift to your clients is a fantastic way to go the extra mile and really raise the profile of your business. Additionally, if you opt to send a well chosen branded gift of some sort, it can also be a valuable investment in increasing your brand’s visibility.

What to send?

When sending out promotional gifts, it is vitally important to choose the right item. Your gifts should be quality, useful items that people will appreciate receiving – badly made or unnecessary items could actually end up doing your business reputation more harm than good!

Practical items such as pens and USB flash sticks always come in handy, so will always well be received. Sending a high quality version that is attractively personalised with your logo or your corporate colours means that a constant, physical reminder of your company will be on each of your customers’ desks for months to come – that’s fantastic advertising!

Who to send to?

If you have a very large client base, it may not be practical from a financial point of view to send a gift to every single customer, so define who you will send to and why. Perhaps send gifts to your higher spending customers, or your most loyal repeat customers – you could even devise a ‘tiered’ selection of gifts where more expensive gifts such as embroidered polo shirts are only send to higher spending customers. Decide what works best for your company.

Set a budget

When sending out promotional gifts at any time of year, it’s important to set a budget that includes both the cost of the items themselves and the postage costs involved in sending them out. Smaller, lighter items are obviously less expensive to send, so may be a better choice than heavy shirts if you’re planning to send out lots.

A well planned holiday gift promotion can be a wonderful way to boost your profile ahead of a new year of trading – good luck!

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