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Whether you are the leader in a business or another type of organisation, it is crucial to create a sense of team. For centuries groups have differentiated themselves from the next group through something distinctive about their appearance – think Scottish tartans or national costumes. Look at many of the high performing teams in the world today and you’ll see something in common, namely a uniform. From cricket clubs to Formula One racing teams, custom clothing is used to give a team an identity and a sense of unity.

Wearing a corporate uniform helps your organisation to forge its own sense of self and feel like a team. When people look like a team they are much more likely to behave like a team and work cohesively towards common goals.

If you’re looking for a new corporate identity for your workplace, you could arrange a team exercise to come up with a new logo or slogan to be used for the tailored uniforms. Once a design has been created, it can be embroidered or printed onto the garments of your choice, from Polo shirts to trousers. At Dahan we produce clothing made from scratch so you could even customise the shape and style of the garment. Choosing Dahan’s high quality custom clothing will make your team feel valued, and reflects the quality of your own organisation for your customers to see.

If your team attends exhibitions or conferences, custom clothing will immediately allow others to identify the representatives for your organisation. It will also enhance your brand presence, with a logo highly visible on clothing. Consider expanding on the company logo by adding a message into the design – perhaps a one-liner about a service provided, or a call to action with telephone number or website address.

A winning brand associated with a winning team can make other people outside the organisation want to be a part of it and share in its success. Just look at the global sales of football shirts in the colours of Real Madrid, Arsenal or Manchester United.

Whether you’re forming a new team or re-energising an existing one, a new clothing look for the team can make all the difference. Talk to us at Dahan to find out how our team can help yours.

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