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Five things you didn’t know about Corporate Uniforms

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Whenever someone mentions uniforms, people immediately think of school or the emergency services, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are five things you didn’t know about corporate uniforms and how they can help grow, brand and advertise your business.

1. They can help promote your brand

Branding is the buzzword for 2014 – every business is at it. Whilst other companies pour money into social media and internet branding, uniforms offer an easy and cheap way to promote the name and services of your company and make sure you are remembered. Get your logo and colours out there and change the way your customers see your business.

2. They can help motivate your staff

When your staff put on a uniform, they will feel ready to work, it adds a professional edge to their working day and will make them feel valued and part of the company. Uniforms also boost team morale, with everyone looking the same and ready to work.

3. They can be good advertising

Can a uniform really do that much for your company? Yes it can – in fact, a survey by Unifirst of a number of industries and professions found that using uniforms as tools for advertising could be up to 50% more effective than advertising online or in newspapers. But this doesn’t stop at your company name, you can even print new services, leading questions, or calls to action on your uniforms.

4. They can help customers identify your staff

Ever had that moment where you approach someone in shop and ask them for help, only to find out they don’t work there? Cut out this embarrassing experience for your customers with easily identifiable staff. This means customers can get what they need faster and easier, and will remember the colours, logos and slogans of your company.

5. You can get what you want

With uniforms handmade from scratch, there don’t have to be any limitations in design, printing or delivery. You don’t have to compromise your brand identity with off-colour designs and mismatching logos – you get exactly what you want with completely customisable and tailored uniforms.

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