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Why Get A Team Uniform For Your Next Sports Event?

Custom Sports Wear and Team Uniform Advantages

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If you haven’t considered a team uniform, or at least some custom sports wear – think again. Branding sportswear with your logo can bring huge business benefits.

Whether you coach a Little League baseball team or you’re planning an outdoor sports day for your entire office, the long hot days of summer call for sporting events. Outdoor sports events, which often take place in local parks and other public locations, are a perfect way to build a sense of loyalty and offer your team a break from their 9-5 expectations. Sports events give you a chance to get to know your team better, have fun, and if you dress your team in the appropriate promotional wear, reach out to potential new customers! If your logo is visible on your custom sports wear, passersby will notice it. Chances are, they will remember your brand and associate it with positive imagery.

Unfortunately, the heat and humidity can be a downfall to outdoor sports events. Particularly if you live in an extremely hot climate like the UAE’s, your team members can become drowsy and lethargic halfway through the day and miss out on the wide range of activities that have been planned. If you’re a boss, it’s important to offer your employees a cool and comfortable team uniform for your event. On the other hand, if you’re a sports coach, you have a responsibility to your team to provide clothing that is breathable and allows them to play well even on the hottest of days.

How to outfit Your Team in Branded Apparel

A Team Uniform Is Also Promotional Wear

Gone are the days when promotional wear is one-size-fits-all and mundane. Today’s custom clothing options are highly attractive, comfortable, and durable. Are you planning an intramural company baseball  game? Light, airy polo shirts are the perfect option for fun and exciting sports events on blazing hot days. These styles of shirts will not only keep your team cool all day, but also allow for a wide range of movement. They don’t require a great deal of care—washing and drying is simple—and they are designed to last.

In addition, promotional sportswear is becoming increasingly affordable, so no matter how many employees you might have, it won’t break the bank if you place a large order of polo shirts for your upcoming sports event. The shirts can be customized and tailored specifically to meet your company’s or team’s needs, and virtually every colour is available. Even complicated logo designs can be embroidered professionally onto the front pocket of each polo shirt, giving you the perfect opportunity to show off your brand.

The Unique Advantages of Branding Sportswear

While branded accessories serve an important role in marketing, promotional wear does something that no pen, bag, or mug could ever be capable of. You don’t have to do anything except walk around in order to advertise your business! While a take-home item from your office might get lost in a customer’s purse or fall behind the couch to gather dust, a custom team uniform can be worn anywhere and is guaranteed to stand out.

In fact, with your company’s logo embroidered on the front of each employee’s shirt, you’re guaranteed to catch the attention of passersby, especially if the entirety of your team is gathered in one place. Though the choice of colour is ultimately up to you, we recommended selecting a bright and eye-catching hue to help your team make an even bolder statement. Sports event are thrilling for the whole team, but there are many unique advertorial benefits to an outdoor company event, too.

Company shirts have been proven to draw attention when they are worn out in public, and help to instil a sense of belonging in a team. If your team starts wearing their shirts with pride, you might be surprised to see how much their productivity during the work day increases as well. And the promotion doesn’t need to end when the sun goes down, either—at the end of the day, custom polos and other team uniform apparel can be taken home as a keepsake. Chances are, at least one of your employees will wear their shirt out in the future and do some free, simple promotion for the company.

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