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Energise Your Team with a Brand New Look

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What we wear can have a surprisingly intense impact on how we feel. Well dressed people report feelings of increased confidence and happiness. Whether you are dressing for a job interview or a coffee date with an old friend, it is important to consider the statement you are making with your attire. In the workplace, both men and women benefit from a professional wardrobe and comfortable-fitting clothes that make them feel attractive and confident.

It has been proven that a standard uniform is the key to building team spirit, increasing company loyalty, and cultivating long-lasting personal relationships that transcend the office. In other words, if you want your employees to be productive, happy, and friendly with one another, dress them in something that will make them feel good about themselves. If it’s been a while since you last purchased new blouses  for your team, there is no better time than the present.


Laidback and Informal

Some modern-day offices have chosen to implement a more relaxed dress code, in order to make the workplace feel less stuffy and more… well, fun! If you’re the type of boss who prefers to see happy, comfortable workers, branded T-shirts  are a fantastic alternative to more traditional options.

Plain cotton tees are soft, comfortable, and easily emblazoned with your company logo, if this is something you’ve been considering trying out. With a dazzling rainbow of colours and a variety of styles available for your choosing, you’re sure to be able to find an affordable assortment of office-friendly T-shirts for your team. Either stick with the basics—white, black, or grey—or jazz things up with a bold and unique colour scheme. The sky is the limit.


Business Casual

What is the ambience like in your office? Does it lean more towards business casual? No matter what type of company you run, and what kind of environment your team works in every day, it is important to take your wardrobe options very seriously. Factors to take into consideration include the type of labour your employees do on a typical day, the climate in your part of the world, and the aesthetic or brand your company is hoping to present.

If you live and work in a hot climate, polo shirts  are a fantastic option as they are comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting. If your team generally works outdoors, polo shirts will help them stay cool even on the warmest days. Similarly, if your team is ever required to do any heavy manual labour, polo shirts allow for considerable ease of movement. Best of all, polo shirts can be easily branded with your company logo or design. No matter where your employees go, they are guaranteed to make a statement.


Formal Alternatives

If your office is more formal than casual, and if your employees work in a cool, air-conditioned office all day, you have different options open to you. Blouses are a great choice for traditional office settings, and as long as you follow the wash-and-dry instructions carefully, they can last for a very long time. You can make a formal, professional statement with your team wardrobe and ensure that you won’t be rushing to replace uniforms every few years.

While white and black are the most common colour choices, it is ultimately your decision whether you’d like to remain traditional or change things up a bit. There are a virtually endless array of shades, fabrics, and styles available to you, should you decide to order a collection of formal company blouses. If you are interested, some can be branded with your logo or design, too.

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