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Corporate uniforms: Three of the greats

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Corporate uniforms are so often an opportunity missed. Think of every other fast food outlet down your street, embarrassing mascots and garish colours. It is a pity, because your corporate uniform is one of the best ways to make an immediate strong impression that ultimately wins business. There are some success stories as well, of course, and when shopping for tailored uniforms or logo embroidery, it is worth having a look at these three greats of corporate apparel.

Barclay’s PLC

The global bank has made a name for itself by weathering the 2008 Financial Crisis more resiliently than other banks, particularly in its home market, the United Kingdom. The reputation of a bank is far more than just how their balance books look, of course, and the distinct yet quintessentially ‘city’ uniform of Barclay’s staff, right up to senior level, is a great piece of PR. Staff wear the bank’s distinctive blue in formal smart dress. Consequently their staff are identifiable and carry the branding of the bank strongly, but a Barclay’s banker also looks enough like their ‘ideal’ client to attract custom.

Harrods of London

Going one step further, Harrods of London has made its corporate uniforms and logo embroidery into design icons in their own right, since the store was founded in 1834. The classic green uniforms of Harrods doormen, and instantly recognisable embroidery, have become not only a symbol of the shop, but a symbol of London. Turning your corporate branding into a symbol of your city, whether London or Dubai, is an incredibly valuable way to raise your corporate profile. While not every business can achieve international icon status, however, writing your business into the identity of your customers’ environs is a great way to ensure customer loyalty.

Emirates Airlines

No article about corporate uniform would be complete without mention of Emirates Airlines, darling of Dubai and the UAE. Regularly voted the best of the best, the airline’s uniform has itself become an icon and a symbol of airline excellence. The association between Emirates’ distinctive brown and red is so strong that to many passengers, it is synonymous with luxury travel. To do all this while expressing the airline’s cultural dress in a modern way makes this one of the most effective corporate uniforms anywhere, and it has been very, very good for business.

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