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It’s almost summer again; a time when we generally take on a more sunny disposition and enjoy the warmer weather. What could be a better time to put a spring in your step and your business promotions? It’s also the perfect weather for t-shirts, and luckily custom shirts are one of the most affordable promotional products out there to promote your business.

Custom t-shirts and polo shirts are also an effective form of marketing campaign as they can either be worn as part of a promotion to get attention for your brand, or given as prizes for customers who take part in promotions or buy your product or service. One example of a large corporate brand to take advantage of custom tees is Pepsi, who utilise custom t-shirts every year in various marketing campaigns and contents in order to get customers excited about their brand of soft drink.

Brand outreach means that the more people who wear your custom t-shirts, the more attention your business will receive as a result. In order to get the most brand outreach, take advantage of opportunities like company events. Have your promotions staff wear your t-shirts, and also hand them out to potential customers. Give out custom t-shirts and polo shirts to employees to help promote your brand further.

Custom t-shirts can immediately enhance brand recognition and reach when it comes to introducing new products or just simply getting your company name out there.

Tips for the best custom tees

Choosing a good quality material and designing an attractive graphic to go with your company’s design logo can work wonders for sales – after all, there’s no point in handing out t-shirts if no-one wants to wear them, is there? At the same time, don’t let your custom tees get lost in translation; as long as your t-shirt delivers a clear message of the product, service or brand you’re trying to promote, you can’t really go wrong. In fact, once you get going, you’ll probably think ‘why stop at tees?’ – there’s a whole other world out there; a world of bags, hats, USB flash sticks and more.

Finally, adding your website URL to the design will help you get more online visitors.

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