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8 Tips for a Successful Team Building Event

Team events

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Summers in the UAE are always slower-paced, and your team are going to need the occasional lift. Company events are one of the simplest yet most effective methods of team-building.

Whether you are the CEO of a large company with thousands of hardworking employees, or a small business owner familiar with every single one of your staff members, plan an event for your team and you will immediately watch their confidence, productivity, and morale increase.

There are several questions to ask yourself before booking your next banquet hall, or ordering custom-branded shirts for your company fun-run.

  • What is important to you, as a business owner?
  • What values are most important to your company?
  • What activities would promote these and strengthen your team?
  • How can you promote your brand at the same time?

Think about what your business stands for and plan a team building event that represents your company vision to the best of your ability.

Conference room

1. Decide on a theme.

The theme of your ideal team building event will depend on what message your company is trying to send, and what activities your team enjoys as a whole. For instance, office workers who spend every 9-5 cooped up in a cubicle might appreciate spending casual Friday at the park playing sports.

On the other hand, if your company is concerned with presenting a more formal front, then hosting a conference, complete with guest speakers and branded accessories to take home, might be a good way of engaging with your desired clientele.

2. Order your apparel.

Next to social media, branded apparel is one of the most effective marketing strategies in the modern age. By ordering a selection of custom blouses or polo shirts with your company logo emblazoned on the front, you are essentially turning your employees into walking billboards for your company. Think of how easily this could encourage potential clients to strike up a conversation if you run into them at the community park, conference hall, or bowling alley — no matter which type of event you choose to host, if your staff are wearing your logo proudly, they will encourage back-and-forth dialogue with passersby who might just eventually become customers.

How to outfit Your Team in Branded Apparel

3. Plan games and activities.

Since every business owner chooses to socialize with his or her staff in a different way, and everyone has different interests, the options here are endless. If you are planning a company sports event, for instance, you might want to do an office-wide survey in the weeks leading up to the event to figure out which sports your employees are most interested in. That way, you can plan a team building event that everyone will love. If you are planning a more formal event, such as a company dinner, or appearing at a professional conference, choose a reputable caterer long before the big day arrives.

Pop-up kiosk

4. Consider a pop-up shop.

These tiny kiosks are growing in popularity due to their accessibility, particularly in large urban locations. If you want a creative way of displaying your products visually, are feeling uncertain about how to reach new customers, or primarily sell your wares through an online store, there is no better way to engage with the public than at a pop-up shop venue.

5. Encourage inter-company dialogue.

Interpersonal conflicts in the office are the number one way of bringing productivity way down. If you have witnessed conflicts, perhaps a company event will help your staff to discuss their problems with one another upfront. Consider bringing in a guest speaker who specializes in conflict resolution or MBTI personality types so that your staff can learn how to acknowledge each other’s differences and be respectful of one another during periods of high stress.

Branded accessories

6. Show off your branded accessories.

If you sell a service as opposed to a product, you might be wondering how to market your company effectively. The good news is, your logo can do all the talking for you — if you apply it to small household items that people will actually use. In today’s brand-focused world, eye-catching and memorable logos are likely to stand out to potential customers, and if it’s attached to a pen, a USB, or a mug, they won’t soon forget your company’s name.

7. Make it fun.

You work hard, and so do your employees. A team building event is a good opportunity to promote your business, but it’s also a chance for your staff to let off some steam. A charismatic guest speaker, baked goods, refreshments, and an aesthetically appealing location are only a few suggestions for turning a black-tie conference into an enjoyable weekend getaway.

8. Don’t be afraid to innovate.

Good business owners follow current trends. Great business owners dare to invent their own unique strategies for marketing, branding, and engaging with the public.

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