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7 Tips for Exhibition Success

Dubai Exhibition Tips

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Whether your employees are all on a first-name basis or you’re the CEO of a huge company with a wide reach, you’ll find it quite advantageous to give your brand a competitive edge. If you’re looking for a new and innovative way of engaging the public, reaching new clientele, and keeping your employees motivated, an exhibition is a good option to consider. Taking your product or service to the floor and offering one-on-one interactions with your potential clients makes them feel equal, wanted, and appreciated.

In the era of digital media marketing, it’s not uncommon for people to become overwhelmed by manipulative and impersonal branding strategies. People are still hoping for emotional connectivity. No matter how large or small your business is, you can offer that elusive personal interaction and lock down some new clients for the future. All it really takes is one to help you get your name out there and build your network. Why not take the next step and plan a company exhibition? There are several simple tips you can use to help organise the best possible event.

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1. Customise your uniforms.

Even small businesses are more likely to succeed when they take the time to style their employees professionally. Whether your office apparel is getting a little outdated and you’re in the market for a fresh set of branded blouses, or you’re hoping to shed the casual Friday look in favour of a more formal aesthetic, take the time to consider what image you’re trying to portray. Custom menswear and custom ladieswear alike are worth the investment. But make sure you order your branded apparel far enough in advance that your employees will have their clothes in time for the event.

2. Keep a consistent image.

Nowadays, the vast majority of people look to social media for information about their favourite brands and organizations. If your business cards feature a logo from five years ago but your social media manager spends hours a day cultivating a stylish Instagram feed, your customers might feel thrown off by the inconsistency. Take into consideration what image you want to give off before you set up your booth at the exhibition, and don’t hesitate to spend a little extra on branding and marketing materials—it will pay off in the end.

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3. Invite everyone you can think of.

Your network is larger than you realize. In the era of social media, you are only a few direct messages away from sending out invites to some of the biggest names in your industry. Don’t shy away from reaching out to potential customers or partners that you think might be interested in attending. Be friendly, personable, and brief—don’t overwhelm anyone with too much information. Just let them know where and when the event will be held, and thank them for their time. Worst case scenario? They say no.

4. Choose an easily accessible venue.

It might seem tempting to book a venue that is out of your usual budget just because it sends a more professional image. However, the venue itself tends to matter less to attendees than the location. The easier it is to reach your event, the more people will make an appearance.

5. Offer some cool branded gifts.

Even if your company is highly budget-conscious, branded giftware is one aspect of your marketing plan that you shouldn’t shy away from. Accessories are a particularly unique way of ensuring that your customers don’t forget your name, logo, and contact information. Whether you stamp your logo on a ballpoint pen, a coffee mug, or an egg timer, clients won’t soon forget who you are. The quirkier or stranger the souvenir, the more likely people are to remember you and your company. A simple t-shirt with your logo makes a great giveaway that will promote your company everywhere: https://uaeshirts.com/product-category/t-shirts/


6. Delegate specific tasks to different team members.

We all have unique skills that can be utilized in different ways. If your administrative assistant is a people person but your typist comes off somewhat cold, consider putting the former on the floor and the latter behind the scenes. You wouldn’t be able to pull the event off without the help of all of your team members, but some personality types are better suited to the one-on-one interaction aspect. Not sure who would be best in each role? Organize a team meeting and find out what your employees would prefer to do on the day of the exhibition.

7. Have fun.

Most importantly, keep a positive attitude and put your all into the event! Your potential customers and partners will notice that your team is genuinely having a good time, and your optimism and passion will be contagious.

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