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Our new Sublimation capabilities give you more, for less.

Creative Freedom, Unrivalled Durability And Quality. At A Price You Won’t Believe.

Polo Shirt Uniform Design in Dubai (UAE), by Dahan

More Powerful Branding.

Our process gives you maximum design freedom.

Print anything, anywhere. 

Our process makes complex designs easy. From a base of white Dry-Fit fabric (a premium polyester-based material), we are able to print, gradients, tones, even photographs onto digital tailoring patterns. Custom sublimation printing allows you to design every inch of the garment – front and back. 

More Personalised.

Nothing else gives you the ability to make each individual shirt unique.

Add names, shirt numbers or job titles. 

Dye sublimation is unique when it comes to customisation. Other processes like embroidery and screen-printing, can add custom details to a bulk quantity – so long as that detail is shared across all shirts. A logo could be applied, and each shirt would have an identical logo. What makes sublimation special, is any detail on any individual shirt could be different and 100% unique. Nothing else comes close. 

More Durability.

Print that doesn't scratch off.

Unlike regular screen-printed shirts that flake, crack, and peel over time, our dye­-sublimated garments have their colours embedded directly into the fabric. This results in a permanent design that generally lasts as long as the material and the garment itself.

Bright, lasting colours. 

Your shirts are produced with water-based inks designed to keep their rich, vibrant colours throughout years of continued use. No fading, wash after wash.

More Comfort.

the softest finish, undetectable by touch.

Sublimation dyes go directly into the fibers of the fabric, to give the softest feel of any fabric printing style. While older printing methods layer ink on top of the material, sublimation dyes the material itself. Touch any material printed using this technology, and it feels exactly the same as the plain material before printing.

Fabric that keeps you cool, dry and protected.

Advanced moisture-wicking fabrics help to transport sweat away from the skin to the surface where it evaporates. This creates the cooling effect that dry-fit is famous for. With anti-static properties, this comfortable, stretchable and breathable fabric is ideal for the harsh environment of the MENA Region.

More Value.

Exceptional value for money.

You won’t find a comparable service for less. Why? Our in-house capabilities enable us to handle every stage of manufacturing. While most manufacturers need to work with a 3rd party designer or agency, who procure shirts on your behalf – we work with you to manage the process. This shortens the supply chain, lowering costs. Partnering directly with us ensures you get the maximum possible value.

Our approach.

'mass-produced' just for you.

Custom from the start. 

This is what differentiates us. Each garment is made in the UAE, from start to finish – and we’ve made customised designs the very core of what we do. Instead of taking a mass-produced ‘out-of-the-box’ product and applying one or two logos, we start with a blank canvas. We produce small orders of custom-made shirts, that have the reliability, quality and affordability of mass produced goods.

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