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What colour fabrics are available? 

We are able to match virtually any colour required, thanks to the support of our sister company, one of the largest fabric suppliers and textile importers in the Arabian Gulf region. This means if you choose “CUSTOM MATCH” as your Colour choice, we should be able to offer a very accurate reflection of your corporate identity in the fabric and thread chosen. Most of the time however, the range of 81 fabrics that we keep in stock will suffice.
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How can I provide details for a specific colour I require?

You can provide any colour reference you have, or even ask us to use your logo or other materials to match the colour manually and let us do the rest – whatever is best for you. References such as Pantone numbers, CMYK, RGB or HEX details are all great for us. Please note that Pantone provide a colour/swatch library specifically for fabrics, but any Pantone number for print design provides good guidance for us.
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What techniques can be used for branding / customisation / personalisation?

We offer a professional embroidery service that produces a high-quality stitched finish to logo’s, text, emblems and insignia. Please note that half-tone images such as photographs cannot be used for embroidery. We also provide silk screen printing, handling screens up to 100 lines per inch (as with embroidery, we recommend keeping to line-work if possible for quality reasons).
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What file format is required for logo’s and branding work?

Embroidery work requires vector artwork, in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or EPS formats with text converted to curves. For silk screen printing we recommend either vector artwork or high resolution images such as TIFF or JPEG files. We cannot use most images sourced from the internet. Unless obtained from stock image libraries, web images are usually only 72dpi resolution – and this is far too low for high quality printing. If you are unsure what you have, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will confirm the quality of your files. Regardless of what you supply, all artwork is thoroughly checked before we move on to production.
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How can I send or transfer the files needed?

Once we receive your order we will email you to request artwork files whenever you require logos or other customisation to be added. This will usually be exchanged via a secure personal folder which we will setup and invite you to by email.
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Can my shirts shrink when washed?

Technically speaking, knitted cotton always shrinks. However, modern manufacturing techniques which compact the fabric result in shrinkage of less than 5% – which is an Internationally accepted benchmark we uphold in producing each and every garment.
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Can the colours bleed when washed?

Colour bleeding is normally a result of poor quality dyes, used by companies looking to save on manufacturing costs. All of our garments are produced using run-free colourfast dyes, and we can guarantee the colours will not bleed and ruin other clothes whilst being washed.
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What is the ‘GSM’ fabric specification?

GSM is a measure of fabric weight – grams /square metre. A lightweight sports fabric might weigh 180gsm for example, while a heavier fabric for other use might be 220gsm.
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Should I opt for regular or premium quality fabric?

The best thing to consider is how you intend the garments to be used, and whether you feel the added durability and comfort offered by premium materials would be of benefit to you or your organisation. As most of our clients purchase garments as workwear or uniform items, many find our premium ranges to be a worthwhile investment.
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Can I request fabric samples?

Yes. If you are placing a considerable order you will want to know what materials we use, and we’d be very happy to courier an example of the fabric we suggest for your requirements. Just send us a message via our contact page and we will respond with various options. Be sure to include the colour and explain the application you have in mind.
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What is the minimum order?

We have recently reduced our minimum order to just 12 garments.
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Do you offer quantity discounts for large volumes?

At present we have no set discount rates for large volumes, as there are sizeable fluctuations in material costs. If you are ordering a quantity in excess of 350 items, please contact us and allow us to check if any savings can be made.
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How much time do I need to allow for the production process?

Production time varies with the quantity required and complexity of work to be carried out. We have some very capable staff and production facilities in the UAE, and the typical order requires no more than 5 working days to be dispatched.
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Where can you provide shipping to? What should I expect to pay?

Shipping is handled by a third party courier service such as FedEx, Aramex or DHL. Delivery within the UAE is arranged at our expense, whilst shipping to International addresses can be organised from courier services at the most competitive rate available –  to be charged at cost, with no additional fees.
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How long should I allow for delivery?

We always over-estimate the time required for delivery, as the delivery service element is not directly under our control. The domestic services we use are generally guaranteed ‘overnight’ services from major couriers. We therefore advise that clients allow up to 7 days for delivery within the United Arab Emirates. International delivery times will vary from country to country, and must be advised by the shipping company.
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