Timeframes & Process.

We believe you should never have to drive around industrial estates, sit in traffic jams for hours, supervise production yourself, chase up shirt deliveries, or divert from your real business.

We want to make buying custom shirts for your business easier than ever.

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Evaluate options
We provide you with all the information you require to come to an informed decision.

You'll need to decide on the type of shirts you require, which of the 2 fabric types is best suited to your needs (Dry-Fit or Cotton), and which branding method(s) you would like.

These choices will help decide the direction of your design(s) - whether you intend to use our shirt design service, or have your own ideas.

Please refer to the Shirt Design page and the Instant Quote Calculator for details.
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Week 1
Prototype production
When you are ready to order, the first shirt we produce is a prototype shirt. In the space of 1 working week, you will have a finished shirt delivered to your address which represents what you will receive in bulk, should you proceed with the main order.

Please refer to the Sizing Information when ordering a sample.
Week 1
Week 2
Full order production
Once we have your approval of the prototype shirt, and have confirmed the sizes and quantities being ordered, we’re ready to start work on the full quantity of shirts.

Checking, Packing & Delivery
Your full order will be delivered anywhere in the UAE free of charge. International deliveries can be quoted by a 3rd party freight company if needed, or delivered to a UAE-based freight forwarder on your behalf.

This will typically be completed in 1 week, unless we have advised otherwise in advance.
Week 2