Branded USB Drives

Custom branded USB drives – meet one of the best corporate gifts you can invest in. Useful, long-lasting and valued by your recipient all year round.

We’ve made dependability a cornerstone of our product offering, because there’s nothing worse than losing people’s data. And these USB drives meet that criteria, with a:

  • Robust and solid rubber housing, fit to withstand daily use.
  • High-quality flash drive chip made by Hitachi, to guarantee reliable service.

Prices include logo printing.




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Of all the gifts you can pass on to a client, there are few as practical in everyday life – both work and otherwise – than branded USB drives.

Referred to interchangeably as branded USB’s, custom flash drives or even “pen drives”, these easily portable, small devices allow you to store information on them and access it via a laptop or computer whenever they’re plugged in.

For the client or investor who needs to have access to confidential data, they enable them to keep it to hand at all times. For the company marketing department who need to store and share their brochures, catalogues, videos and other material with potential clients, branded USB drives are the perfect way to put marketing collateral right in their target’s hand. Even as a simple give-away, a corporate flash drive makes for a useful and much appreciated gift.

A key tool for any workplace or home environment, it’s the ideal corporate gift. And as specialists in quality corporate apparel, Dahan is well-placed to provide you with the best branded USB drives in the market.

Twister Branded USB Drives

Printed with your logo, our custom branded USB drives are built to cover everyone’s needs at an affordable price. Despite their premium look and feel, these custom USB’s start at just AED 35, bringing a high-quality finish and reliable Hitachi internal components within everyone’s price range.

Storage capacities include 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, catering to a variety of needs and budgets. Whether your company needs dependable, high-capacity storage for handling large professional applications in-house, or you only require enough space to store Word documents and presentations needed to market your business – we’ve got the right size flash chip for your needs. We also have range of colours to help match your corporate identity.

The twist open metal cover on each flash drive provides an excellent surface upon which we print your logo, whilst the solid, rubber-coated housing is built to withstand the odd knock or bump that comes with everyday use. Not only can you rely on your new branded USB drives to stay intact physically, but with genuine Hitachi storage chips, you can depend on them to function when you need them most.

Additional information

Size / Storage Capacity

8 GB, 16GB, 32GB

Body Colour

Black, Blue, Red, White, Grey, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Violet, Purple, Lime Green, Light Blue, Dark Red, Warm Red