Are Uniforms An Effective Marketing Tool?

Corporate Unforms vs Common Advertising Channels

This infographic shows the findings of reasearchers at Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School. Aiming to answer the question, “Are uniforms an effective marketing tool?”, they surveyed 250 US companies in more than 14 different industries with employees in customer facing roles. You may be surprised by the results. They discovered that branded employee uniforms can […]

5 Reasons Why Polo Shirts are Forever Popular

Bespoke Corporate Shirts & Uniforms, Dubai - UAE

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s nothing more classic, comfortable, and casual than a Polo shirt. Since they’re slightly more professional and modest-looking than a traditional T-shirt, Polo shirts tend to be a popular choice for offices in warm climates where employees need to stay warm and look their best simultaneously. They make a sharp statement and with a variety […]

7 Tips for Exhibition Success

Dubai Exhibition Tips

Whether your employees are all on a first-name basis or you’re the CEO of a huge company with a wide reach, you’ll find it quite advantageous to give your brand a competitive edge. If you’re looking for a new and innovative way of engaging the public, reaching new clientele, and keeping your employees motivated, an […]

5 Promotional Items You Need At Your Next Exhibition

Cityscape Dubai Exhibition

Exhibitions offer your company a unique opportunity to promote your services to a very wide range of people, including potential customers. While there are a variety of creative and innovative ways to market your brand, exhibitions are one of the few ways you can reach many people at once and engage with them on the […]

Why Get A Team Uniform For Your Next Sports Event?

Custom Sports Wear and Team Uniform Advantages

If you haven’t considered a team uniform, or at least some custom sports wear – think again. Branding sportswear with your logo can bring huge business benefits. Whether you coach a Little League baseball team or you’re planning an outdoor sports day for your entire office, the long hot days of summer call for sporting […]

5 Benefits of Adding Promotional Gifts to Your Marketing Strategy

Promotional Gifts Branded with Your Logo

The importance of marketing cannot be overestimated. This is why smart and savvy entrepreneurs are always looking for practical ways to add more marketing power to their campaigns. One of the best brand-positioning marketing strategies is adding promotional gifts and branded merchandise. Doing so will offer a lot of benefits, not least of which is […]

Give a promotional gift this Christmas

Abu Dhabi Emirates Palace

The holidays are a perfect opportunity for businesses in Dubai and around the world to nurture relationships with their existing customers and ensure they keep coming back for more, helping businesses to grow and flourish the following year. Rather than just sending a mass produced seasonal card or email, sending a small gift to your […]

Three ways to be remembered after a business exhibition

Branded clothing

Business exhibitions are extremely popular in Dubai and the UAE, as they’re a great way of making new contacts and gaining valuable exposure for your company. You’ll meet hundreds of people and get to tell them all about what you do. The trouble is, each person will also meet hundreds of other companies, so it’s […]

Does the colour I choose for my promotional T-shirts matter?

Promotional T-shirt colours

Once you’ve decided that promotional T-shirts featuring your company’s logo would make a great item to give away at an upcoming trade show or exhibition, you face a few decisions about the specifications of your branded shirts. Do you want to offer them in both men’s and women’s fittings? Are you going to offer people […]

A promotional gift can boost your social networks

Promotional Gift - Dubai, UAE

Social media is an essential part of any business strategy, whatever industry you’re in. However, with so many businesses vying for a potential client’s attention, it can be a tall order to keep your social networking efforts fresh, interesting and competitive. Never fear though, we have some great ideas for ways to use a promotional […]