Are Uniforms An Effective Marketing Tool?

Corporate Unforms vs Common Advertising Channels

This infographic shows the findings of reasearchers at Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School. Aiming to answer the question, “Are uniforms an effective marketing tool?”, they surveyed 250 US companies in more than 14 different industries with employees in customer facing roles. You may be surprised by the results. They discovered that branded employee uniforms can […]

5 Reasons Why Polo Shirts are Forever Popular

Bespoke Corporate Shirts & Uniforms, Dubai - UAE

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s nothing more classic, comfortable, and casual than a Polo shirt. Since they’re slightly more professional and modest-looking than a traditional T-shirt, Polo shirts tend to be a popular choice for offices in warm climates where employees need to stay warm and look their best simultaneously. They make a sharp statement and with a variety […]

5 Things Your Next Team Uniform Needs to Have

With the fall equinox, the holiday season, and the end of a fiscal year fast approaching, it makes sense that many companies are beginning to feel like it might be time to turn over a new leaf. Even adults feel that age-old longing for change every September—the desire to start fresh, load up on office […]

How Screen Printing, Dye-Sublimation, and Embroidery Work

Dahan Embroidery & Printing Branding Services

Making a big change around your office can be intimidating, especially if you’re trying to please an entire team of employees, all of whom have varying tastes in workwear. But never fear—once you decide to update your office wardrobe, you’re one step closer to boosting company morale, increasing productivity, and setting yourself up for a […]

8 Tips for a Successful Team Building Event

Team events

Summers in the UAE are always slower-paced, and your team are going to need the occasional lift. Company events are one of the simplest yet most effective methods of team-building. Whether you are the CEO of a large company with thousands of hardworking employees, or a small business owner familiar with every single one of […]

How to Outfit Your Team for Your Next Event

How to outfit Your Team in Branded Apparel

Company events are a fantastic way to build team loyalty, boost morale, and potentially reach a wide range of new customers. You may associate this type of event with small, intimate businesses, but even very large companies benefit from team-building conferences, trips, and board meetings. Company events create a sense of community amongst all of […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying Company Uniforms

Company uniforms are a simple but surprisingly effective way to build loyalty and boost morale. Custom-made, unique company uniforms can make everyone feel as though they are a part of a team. The feeling of belonging is important to all of us, and when your employees feel that they are respected and treated with dignity, […]

Does the colour I choose for my promotional T-shirts matter?

Promotional T-shirt colours

Once you’ve decided that promotional T-shirts featuring your company’s logo would make a great item to give away at an upcoming trade show or exhibition, you face a few decisions about the specifications of your branded shirts. Do you want to offer them in both men’s and women’s fittings? Are you going to offer people […]

Branded canvas bags: The practical promotional gift

Branded Canvas Bags, Dubai

The versatility of canvas bags: Selecting the right kinds of promotional items to give away at an exhibition stand or a trade show can be difficult. Would the people you meet like T-shirts emblazoned with your logo? Depending on several factors, including the demographic of your customer base, the logo itself and the appeal or […]

How can I use branded clothing to promote my business?

Dubai Polo Shirt

It can be hard to get ahead in the business market. Everyone is on the look out for the latest trends to make sure that their business stands out from the crowd. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Using custom-designed branded clothing will get your brand spotted straight away. It allows for promotional opportunities […]